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Sveta Muscat Doublesin

New year spirit

The aim of this object is to decorate a wall in my room.

I have noticed a tendency or craze a while ago for these heads of animals: one can buy a ready made or buy a craft set to make with a family: unicorns, deer, elephants and other animals, too, I’ve always wanted to try to make such a head in this technique.

At first I could not find a schema file online and started making my own (as I don’t know how to use 3D max) by cutting out triangles and glue them, of course, it was long and in the end I gave up. Finally found the scheme in the internet! Cutting is the best using the stationery knife, then it is necessary to pass through each fold line (bend depending on the instructions, or inside or outside) and glue, glue and glue (not ez)

The most difficult were the horns, there was even once when I had to kick the head¬†a couple of times ūüė¶ It torn in several places, but I had to be creative and paint the places with paint-spray, it lookes ok in the end.

My invention to this piece was a garland, turned out not only decorative, but also functional, because the light is quite bright. Garland glued from inside because it looks nicier: I marked the places where I want each bulb then cut out and placed again on glue.
Then put a necklace made of wire and shiny elements, similar to trees or horns.

Such head usualy stick to the wall with glue or double tape (if in the house wallpaper), but in my case the bulbs turn on and off needed easy access and to be attached to a place from which you can easily take off the head. So, I decided to spoil the picture of Dali. Feeling sorry. The hook I fixed on the back, deer hanging smoothly and shining, creating a Christmas mood and pleasing the eye. I decorated the rest of the painting with paper squares.

Madi Tobin


This sculpture represents the discrimination that affects many people around the world. Its purpose is to remind people, as we often forget or even ignore what is going on outside of our lives. The sculpture is ageless, it has no race, nor gender. This is to emphasize the universality of discrimination.

Working with card was rather difficult as it is not a very solid material. When i was walking to university it rained and my sculpture became deformed. For this reason I do not think it would be a good material to use for a sculpture. I would instead use something waterproff such as steel.img_3468